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This Wagtail Blog Demo is a live version of wagtail-bootstrap-blog, which is develoepd exclusivey for my Wagtail Blog Tutorial. You can also get it using commandes below.

Main features of Wagtail tutorial series:

  1. I will teach you how to create a standard blog from scratch, I will add standard CMS features to blog step by step. In the end, you will see a real blog which has nearly all features of standard CMS.

  2. Many tutorials indeed have code snippets, but it takes much time for newbie developer to make it run on his own projects, so in this WagtailCMS tutorial series, I created a GitHub project wagtail_tuto hosting the source code of blog I created in tutorials. You can checkout the different commits to get started as you like. For example, if you only want to test how to add tags and category support to wagtail blog, you can git checkout 50915b3 to make the env, source files setup, then copy code from tutorials and paste them into your project. If you have trouble in this process, git checkout 070d8de to see the final result which helps you troubleshoot.

Table of Contents:

Wagtail Welsome
Michael Yin
Full Stack Developer